Maccabee Adlai
Maccabee Adlai II
Vital statistics
Position 8th Line, Nabataean
Origin Warsaw, Poland
Age 16
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height 6'5"
Weight 240 lb

Maccabee Adlai is a player of the 8th of the twelve bloodlines, representing the Nabataean. Maccabee comes from a very wealthy family. After The Calling at the Great White Pyramid, he was shot with an arrow in the leg by Baitsakhan. Jago Tlaloc then proceeded to rupture his right eardrum at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. He is currently in a team with Baitsakhan. They possess a transmitting device, which they found at Göbekli Tepe. It allows them to spy on other players. He will stay teamed up with Baitsakhan for now, although he plans to kill him when the time has come and he is no longer of use to him.

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