"I choose to be the person that I want to be."

Sarah Alopay
Sarah Alopay II
Vital statistics
Position 233rd line, Cahokian
Origin Omaha, Illinois
Age 17.98 years
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Sarah Alopay, all american girl is a Player of the 233rd of the twelve bloodlines, representing the Cahokian. She has teamed up with Jago Tlaloc, who she met on a train on her way to The Calling. She is developing warm feelings for him, especially after she killed her boyfriend, Christopher Vanderkamp, out of mercy, while An Liu was behind him and threatning to blow him up. She cries over him almost everyday, but after his death got into a relationship with Jago, who she also had feelings for. She succeeded in being the one to win the race to the Earth Key in Stonehenge. But the Skykey, who is Shari Chopra´s (Player of the Harappan) daughter, is now with Maccabee Adlai. She and Jago could have killed the little girl to save the world, but they didn´t, showing that they´re on "the good side" even though Aisling believes the "good side" are he people that were willing to kill Little Alice Chopra.

She has auburn hair. Her older brother is called Tate, and was originally the Player, but during training he lost an eye from a wasp sting and was therefore uneligible to play, so she had to become the player and train harder to make up for lost time. She is a very fast runner. Her best friend's name before Endgame was Reena.

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