Baitsakhan II
Vital statistics
Position 13th Line


Origin Mongolia
Age 13
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Baitsakhan is a Player of the 13th of the twelve bloodlines, representing the Donghu. He was allied with his brother, Jalair (killed by Kala Mozami), and cousins, Bat and Bold (killed by Alice Ulapala and Shari Chopra). For a short time, he held Shari Chopra captive and tortured her for her clue, before she was rescued by Alice Ulapala. He is currently in a team with Maccabee Adlai. They possess a transmitting device, which they found at Göbekli Tepe. It allows them to spy on other players.

Baitsakhan loses a hand when Hilal cuts it off during a fight. He then recieves a robotic hand from Maccabbee.

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