Endgame is the first in James Frey's new series set to be published through Harper Collins. It was announced on January 10, 2014 that 20th Century Fox had purchased the movie rights for this YA novel, and, while details are forthcoming, it has been revealed that Google was involved in the deal.

The plot for Endgame is being kept under wraps, although it was described as Hunger Games-like in tone by several sources.


Along with a three book series, e-book novellas are part of the series. The interactive part of this has big potential and is being orchestrated by HarperCollins, Full Fathom Five (which created I Am Number Four) and Google’s Niantic Labs, which will publish six Endgame novels for the Google Play store, with the game launching on Android and iOS devices late next year. Endgame is meant to be a multimedia experience involving not only the books and e-books, but YouTube videos, mapping coordinates and interactive gaming.